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  Water Jet Cut Stainless Steel Component for the Aerospace Industry

Waterjet Cut Stainless Steel Component for the Aerospace Industry
Specializing in the manufacturing of precision parts through our advanced CNC water jet cutting technology, Aqua Power Cutting, Inc. was contracted by an aerospace industry client to produce a replacement aircraft component. Constructed from five inch thick stainless steel, this part needed to withstand high altitude, high pressure operating conditions. Using our advanced flow water jet machinery, which possesses a 60,000 PSI cutting pressure, we created the rough cut outline of this part before employing other traditional machining operations, such as milling, to finish the unit.

Meeting (±) 0.07 of an inch precision tolerance, this part was constructed to measure 36 inches in length and 19 inches in height. It also weighed approximately 250 pounds. This aircraft component took approximately 9 hours of cutting time, saving our client many production hours over more traditional cutting methods.

In addition, Aqua Power Cutting also took a standard micrometer measurement of the component, ensuring that this aircraft part met our client's exact specifications, before we shipped the product to our customer's facility in San Antonio, Texas. Meeting MIL-STD quality standards, Aqua Power Cutting employed its precision water jet cutting services to construct a replacement part for the aerospace industry, saving our client considerable time and money.
Project Highlights
Product Description This stainless steel component is used within the Aerospace Industry.
Capabilities Applied/Processes Water Jet Cutting
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Flow Water Jet
Overall Part Dimensions Overall Length: 36"
Overall Height: 19"
Thickness: 5"
Tightest Tolerances ±0.07"
Material Used Stainless Steel
Typical Machining Operations Water jet Cutting:
Blank For Machine Shop
Each Part Took 9 Hours of Cutting Time
60,000PSI Cutting Pressure
Operating Environment High Altitude
High Pressure
Features Saved Time as opposed to using Traditional Cutting Methods
In process testing/inspection performed Standard Micrometer Measurement
Estimated Part Weight 250 lbs
Industry for Use Aerospace
Delivery Location San Antonio Texas
Standards Met MIL-STD
Product Name Stainless Steel Aircraft Component
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