Precision Water
Jet Cutting
Laser Cutting
Water Jet Cut Stainless Steel Component for the Aerospace Industry
Sheet / Plate Bending
Water Jet Cut Copper Fuel Air Vent for the Aerospace Industry
Water Jet Cut
Brass Full Hard Components
for a Water Park/Fountain Application
Water Jet Cut Aluminum Gun Turret Mount for
the Military
Water Jet Cut Inconel Door Flange for the Aerospace Industry
  About Aqua Power Cutting, Inc.

Aqua Power Cutting was founded in October of 2008 by two brothers BJ and Thadius Millard in the small town of Blanco TX located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country.

Both brothers had experience in the small business community before starting their new adventure. BJ started a water treatment business in 1992 and Thadius started a metal fabrication shop in 1999 with a basic plasma cutter.

After many years of debating, the two brothers decided to start something larger and more adventurous, so they purchased a Flow waterjet cutter. There original building which was 20' x 60' housed just the waterjet. Yes, it was tight working conditions for many years.

Now the brothers have a small warehouse around 8,000 sq ft to store material and their new press break machine which was purchased in 2014.

With their equipment and experience they look forward to helping you.

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